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Changing the world through the arts

The mission of Dream & Imagine is to unlock and harness the creative potential of leaders in music, media, and the arts.

We are a ministry designed for creative leaders and we exist to worship God and lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ, who use their gifts and talents for his glory.


The vision of Dream & Imagine is to develop creative leaders who live healthy, holistic lives and are committed to excellence in their vocations.  Our motto is “Changing the World Through the Arts”.


We believe that cultivating a genuine relationship with Christ and being involved in a supportive community is essential to balanced living. Our goal is to develop communities of creative leaders at high schools, universities and churches where collaboration and spiritual accountability is encouraged.


Dream & Imagine values and invests in the lives of creative leaders. We believe that talent must be cultivated and nurtured, so we provide the support and resources that are necessary for leaders to thrive and unlock their potential.


Our goal is to add value to creative leaders so that they are better equipped to make a positive impact in society. We value creative excellence and strive to produce high quality music, media, visual arts, performance arts, educational resources, and much more.

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